A Video Primer on Crowdfunding

With all the new Crowdfunding websites being launched, as well as new regulations being released, this form of funding is becoming fairly complex and more difficult to understand.

Things will only become more complex when the equity investment by non-accredited investors is allowed sometime next year.

That’s why I was delighted when The Kauffman Foundation sent me a link to their video that discusses some of the “ins and outs” of Crowdfunding.

One of the best features of the video is the presentation of actual successful Crowdfunding projects. Of course, there are also a number of “takeaways” in the video for everyone.

Here is the video—provided by the Kauffman Foundation (best watched in full screen):

(email subscribers can view the video here)

Here are some of the issues covered in the video for anyone considering participating in today’s offerings:

  • How much should I ask for?
  • What are my chances of reaching my goal?
  • How many rewards should I offer?
  • What kind of rewards should I offer?
  • Why should I offer more choices?
  • How involved should my backers get?
  • How much work does it take to apply, and then follow-up after the project is funded?
  • Is Crowdfunding something I should even pursue?

So, if you are looking for startup, or expansion, money for your business, I highly recommend you watch the above video—and then put together your video “pitch.”


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