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This website is directed specifically toward the “smaller small business,” especially brick and mortar businesses… those dealing with physical products and personal services.

I try to never use the term “Microbusiness,” because micro is from the Greek mikros, meaning small; petty; trivial; of reduced or restricted size. Nobody’s business should be described in these terms.

That is why I prefer the term “Smaller Small Business,” or just “Smaller Business,” because it does not define you and your business in a diminishing term.

And, of course, this applies to existing as well as upcoming smaller businesses.

All businesses start as a smaller business… they start with one idea formed by one person who either shares that idea with another, or decides to build their own business around that idea.

The result is that 28 million U.S. businesses (about 78% of the total) have no employees—yet!

But unfortunately, there are over 5 million businesses that simply “disappear” from the statistician’s radar each year in the U.S. and the vast majority of these are smaller businesses.

Why do so many smaller businesses fail?

There are many “expert” opinions on this, but they all stem from the same root cause—most businesses start up before the founder is properly prepared.

Way too many entrepreneurs do not have the necessary knowledge and information to start a successful business, and consequently, they end up as one of the 5 million failures.

I want to help change this terrible statistic.

That is why I am repurposing this blog—from a general business “chat” to a source of information that can help the smaller business start up and become successful.

With this blog I want to discuss fundamental business issues regarding starting and operating a small business … and I will likely tread on much of the advice that is published today by many of the other business web sites and blogs.

This blog is also a companion to my primary website, business-solutions-and-resources.com that provides much of the information needed to start a smaller business.

After many years of “doing” (as a business owner/CEO), and “seeing” (as a business consultant/board member) I have developed a somewhat different approach to helping new and aspiring entrepreneurs. I intend to present that approach through articles, tips, case studies, and anything I can think of that might help smaller small business owners.

Almost all of my information will be practical stuff that small business entrepreneurs can apply to suit their own needs.

Oh, and much of it will be controversial.

About Bob Foster

My background spans several decades and is unusually eclectic in that it runs from the smallest of small businesses to the halls of Fortune 100 companies; from the assembly lines of Detroit to the wheat fields of the west; and from the commercial fishing grounds of Alaska and Mexico to the world of high-tech.

In every case, whether as consultant, CEO, or board member, I brought my pragmatic–and often controversial–approach to solving business problems.

Above all else, I have experienced the joy and trials of the small-business owner by starting and operating several of my own businesses.

I am a graduate of Kettering University (before the name was changed), and divide my time between the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains of Montana.

You can read my expanded bio here. 

I hope you will take a look at some of my posts as they come along, and I encourage readers to offer comments, make suggestions, ask questions…and challenge what I say if you feel so inclined.

So, please leave a comment and subscribe to this blog on my home page. To contact me directly, please use the contact form provided.

Thanks for stopping by.

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