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Creative Advertising

I am always looking for advertisements and promotions that are totally out of the box.

I previously posted about the Mercedes that did the “barrelroll,” and now a recently released advertisement that features Jean-Claude Van Damme and two Volvo trucks has gone viral, and has been featured on several network news shows.

You’ve likely seen the video by now, but let’s take a look at it again:



I doubt that most viewers are in the market for a new Volvo truck, but we certainly will remember the Volvo brand name for some time to come.

We small business people certainly cannot afford big elaborate productions like the Mercedes and Volvo ads, but that doesn’t mean we can’t come up with ideas that are just as creative and just as out of the box as the big boys.

A creative ad or promotion is one that stirs a viewer’s emotions, or provides information that is not available from other sources. Most of all it is “memorable.”

It can be heart wrenching and cause a tear… it can make us double over in laughter… it can make our pulse quicken and cause excitement… but most important—it must grab our attention and provide a “wow” factor.

As small businesses, our creative promotions likely don’t need national exposure—we only need the effect to be felt on our audience, or market area.

Small and micro businesses are not attractive to big name ad agencies—they normally aren’t all that creative anyway—but we sure should be able to come up with some clever approach on our own to get viewers to look at our business and brand, and say “Wow, I want to see that again.”

This is what will make them remember us and want to do business with us.

So, take a look at the Mercedes and Volvo ads, and then sit back and let your mind wander until it comes up with some ideas for your own business that are just as memorable—but directed at your own potential market.

Anyone out there have any “out of the box” advertisements or promotions they care to share?


How to Present Your Sales Message in 15 Seconds

Giving a very short presentation to a prospective customer—without driving the customer away—is always a challenge for almost every business.

I ran across this video on developing that short message the other day and thought I would share it with you. It is a video, and features Carmine Gallo.

Take a look:

That first 15 seconds with a new or prospective customer is the most critical time with that customer. What you say during those few seconds can make the difference between a sale, or a lost customer.

Can you add anything to Carmine’s presentation? How do you approach a new customer?


Create Guerilla Marketing Ideas

It is rare when new and attention-grabbing guerilla marketing ideas come along, that’s why they stick out so dramatically and we remember them. I think of guerilla marketing as anything of a promotional nature that is so far out of the box that it actually causes me to pay attention. Here is an example of what I mean:

Obviously, none of us are going to have the financial means to do something like this, but the point is—these people were thinking way beyond the typical car ads and they certainly caught everyone’s attention. I can’t remember a single car ad I saw on TV last night, but I remember this promo for Mercedes from long ago.

Now, the question is: “What can you do in your business that is different enough that it causes people to remember you and your product and service?” You certainly don’t have to spend the kind of money Mercedes spent on their promo piece, but you do have to be just as creative in your thinking.

Watch this video a few times and try to understand just how far they went away from the typical ads we are bombarded with for car sales. Then sit back and think about your own marketing promos and how similar they are to everyone else’s in your industry. Then try to take your thinking as far away from the “norm” as Mercedes did in their promo.

If you get stuck and need some inspiration for new ideas, take a look at Jay Conrad Levinson’s newest book The Best of Guerrilla Marketing–Guerrilla Marketing Remix. Levinson is considered by many to be the originator of guerilla marketing and is a longtime favorite of guerilla marketers everywhere.

What can you do in your business that can catch your customer’s attention and make them remember you…some pleasant, or exciting, experience that will have them thinking about you and your business the next time they want your product or service? Can you create guerilla marketing ideas for your business?

Think about it.

What extraordinary thing have you ever done to promote your business? I would like to hear about it.