Do Big Events Pay Off?

Does your town, or city, sponsor any big events? There is a small town in South Dakota that puts on an annual motorcycle rally that brings in enormous revenues. The event is held the first weekend of August and this year is their 69th event. The town is called Sturgis, and here are some interesting statistics:

•    Population of South Dakota – 804,194

•    Population of Sturgis – 6,442

•    Number of event attendees – between 4 and 500,000

•    Number of city licenses issued to vendors – 1,192

•    Gross Sales for the 7-day event – $16.4 million

•    Pounds of ice delivered to area – 6.7 million

•    Tons of garbage hauled – 543

Obviously, this is a pretty big deal for this small town, but they have been doing it for 69 years and they have it pretty well figured out by now. Many of the local businesses make a good portion of their annual income and profit during this one week. How does your town/city stack up?

Oh yeah, they also issued 66 marriage licenses last year.

2 thoughts on “Do Big Events Pay Off?”

  1. Having been to Sturgis more than once, I can attest to its success for the town. Many shopkeepers actually VACATE their stores and lease their space for the event, same goes for personal homes. During Harley-Davidsons 100th anniversary year in 2003 attendance was nearly 1 million people. Where else on earth can you see so much while standing on the corner with a beer in one hand and a roasted turkey leg in the other!!

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