Is Your Business Extraordinary–or Ho-Hum?

Most micro businesses have a lot of competition… I mean a lot! Just check out businesses in your city or town that are listed in the Yellow Pages—print or virtual—and look at the competition in each category.

Everyone’s question then becomes “How do I get noticed above all the competition? How can I drive customers to my business instead of going to my competitors?”

Maybe the answer is… “Be Extraordinary!

Here’s a short video created by Tom Peters on this subject—take a look:

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Video from the Tom Peters “Little Big Things Video Series”

Yes, Tom is using an example from big business in his video, but we’re talking about competition here and what industry has more competition than the fast food industry?

So maybe it is time for you to sit back and take a look at your own business.


However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results  —Winston Churchill


When you do this, think of the video where Tom said: “Ho-hum could be worse than awful!”

Let’s look at Tom’s questions to us in his video: “Do you really pop? Do people say ‘wow’… this place really looks like it is up to something interesting? Or is it—heaven help you—ho-hum?”

So, what about your business:

  • Does your business “pop?” Why not?
  • Do your customers say “wow, this place is interesting?” (For an advertising example, click here.)
  • Even if you are doing “nothing wrong” are you still just “ho-hum?”
  • Or, even though you do everything right, is your business just like everyone else—just ordinary?

Also remember that what was extraordinary yesterday will be ho-hum tomorrow. Your competitors may not be leaders in your industry, but they’re all very good followers and they can help make your business look ho-hum quicker than you might think.

What have you done lately to take your business out of “ho-hum” and into “extraordinary?”


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