Old Guys Rule

Considering that we live in a youth oriented society, I always enjoy reading about an older person successfully pursuing their chosen profession. For example: I recently read about David Pelham, the Science Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle. David is 90 years old, and refuses to slow down. He says he learns something new with every article he writes.

Pelham’s passion for pursuing a news story hasn’t slowed down one bit. He spent two weeks in the Ethiopian desert following fossil hunters around. He does say of this trip, “That was when I was younger…three years ago.”

Hats off to the David Pelhams of the world. I think we could use a little “wisdom-of-the-elders” right about now.

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  1. Agreed.

    I just interviewed Petro Vlahos this past week, who will be turning 93 next week. Still sharp as a tack. Petro has hundreds of patents to his name, some of which have won technical Oscars in the film industry. He told me after the interview that he just registered a new patent the other day for some kind of blood pressure measuring device for seniors. He’s got a few more on the bench he’s working out, when his wife doesn’t have him too busy around the house that is. 😉

    I would like to think I will have that ambition if I make it to my 90s as well.

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  2. Judith – Yes, the term “guys” is not gender specific. I guess because I consider all people as “one” I sometimes get into trouble by not being gender specific. I often use terms like, guys, folks, their (singular), y’all (I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the south), and the like, as euphonisms when I’m writing and speaking. I probably should not do that in our politically correct society, but then; I do believe in the “oneness” of mankind.

    Thanks for your comments Judith.
    .-= Bob Foster´s last blog ..Old Guys Rule =-.

  3. Jeff – That’s incredible! How I would like to be able to create something patentable when I’m in my nineties. I was just hoping to be able to dress and feed myself when I get that old. Maybe I’d better set my sights a little higher.

    Thanks for the inspirational comment Jeff.
    .-= Bob Foster´s last blog ..Old Guys Rule =-.

  4. Oh, NO! I was just kidding you, Bob! There is nothing about you that gives me the impression that you are biased in this regards…nothing! Being politically correct in many regards such big! I too believe in the oneness of manking. But of course if we were to be politically correct it would be the oneness of humankind. 🙂
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  5. Judith – Yes, I assumed you were kidding me about the “guys” thing. I just wanted you to know that, being the maverick I am, I would likely be using incorrect gender terms in the future (although, I never use the term “gals,”—it seems disrespectful to me. Maybe I need to spend some time with Dr. Freud?).

    Speaking of Sigmund, don’t you just hate those Freudian slips? Which brings me to wonder if there could ever be a female “King”—at least one that was commonly recognized as the “King?” And, I ask: Why not?

    Then, of course, I slipped on mankind vs. humankind—could that have been a Freudian slip? Oh well, I admit that I just don’t understand the English language that well (even though it’s the only one I speak).

    Thanks for your comments—a little banter brightens up my day.
    .-= Bob Foster´s last blog ..Old Guys Rule =-.

  6. Of, Bob, so good of you to ask. Please check out my post, “Being the ‘She-King’ of Egypt.” I’m sure you will find the post interesting. We are often much too sensitive about gender and racial differences. While I address such issues head-on, I’m not typically touchy about such matters.
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  7. Judith – I read your post on the “She-King of Egypt,” and was fascinated. I vaguely remembered that there had been female “Kings” in the past, but it seems they had served in name only and were never “recognized.” Obviously, Hatshepsut was a true King.

    How wonderful and productive our world would be if we
    could only eliminate our gender, racial and religious prejudices. Any country that does, will certainly become the world leader–in everything.

    Thank you for that post, and your comments.
    .-= Bob Foster´s last blog ..Old Guys Rule =-.

  8. Dave – Absolutely! Between David Pelham and Petro Vlahos (Jeff’s comment above), we should have enough inspiration to carry us through a couple of new businesses before we decide to hit the rocking chair. Good luck in your new venture(s), and keep me posted.

    Thanks for your comment Dave.
    .-= Bob Foster´s last blog ..Old Guys Rule =-.

  9. Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

    A definite great read…

    – Bill Bartmann

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