Small Business for Real

If you want to see small business at its finest—check out this video.

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Notice the passions this business owner has—he loves his business, he loves his customers, he supports other small businesses, he tries to stay away from unhealthy products, he rejects unhealthy packaging, he is passionate about the environment (and points out the hypocrisy of governmental environmental rules)…and on and on. This entrepreneur could be the poster boy for small business.

How well do you fit this standard?

2 thoughts on “Small Business for Real”

  1. Bob – I absolutely LOVE this video! Thank you so much. I have just written a post after looking at it and linked this post.

    These videos as well as your support of entrepreneurs like me is the reason I pass through here often. You’re great!

    With regards to the standard set by Mr. Nese and his enthusiasm, I’m not too shabby! 🙂 But, of course, such videos and words of wisdom found on this blog keep me going.

    Sometimes you gotta fight to keep your enthusiasm and fight I do!

    Thanks again, Bob.
    .-= Judith Ellis´s last blog ..Being for Free Markets =-.

  2. Judith – Thank you for those kind words, and I’m delighted that you are fighting on and keeping up your enthusiasm. Being a small business person today does indeed require a good fight.

    70 percent of all U.S. businesses have NO employees, and sadly, neither do they have a voice in our country. Can you imagine what our country would look like without these businesses? That’s why I try, in my own small way, to support the smaller small business world.

    Thanks again Judith.
    .-= Bob Foster´s last blog ..Small Business for Real =-.

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