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Land of Vast Potential

When thinking about a land of vast potential, one would not likely think about Detroit, Michigan. This was struck home tonight on the evening news that did a segment on the plight of Detroit.

The city is rapidly becoming a ghost town, with the population dropping from around 2 million people at its peak, to around ¾ of a million today.

However, earlier in the day I received an email with this movie trailer of a documentary film on the people of Detroit. That got me thinking about all the possibilities for new businesses—maybe even starting a whole new industry. Take a look at the trailer and tell me what you think.

(email subscribers can view on my blog)

When the full documentary film is released, I’ll let you know where you can view it, or obtain your own copy.

In the meantime, let your imagination run with the possibilities of remaking an entire city—and then let me know what you came up with.