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Why Our Presidential Candidates Will Never Create The Jobs They Are Promising For America



“Donald Trump vows to create 25 million jobs over the next decade.” (NY Times 9/16/16).

“… under Hillary’s plans the economy would create 10.4 million jobs in her first term alone …” (Mark Zandi, former economic advisor to John McCain).

Of course, we all know that politicians are generally out of touch with reality and they regularly say things that have little substance in the real world… promotional “sound bites” if you will.

We know too, that the greatest reason for moving U.S. jobs to foreign shores is economic—goods can be produced more cheaply in foreign countries.

But, outsourcing jobs for economic reasons is the subject of a debate we don’t want to enter into here, because it is a debate that will never end.

At the same time, the issue of “jobs” in the U.S. is high on everyone’s mind and both candidates are making job creation one of the most important issues of their campaigns.

Unfortunately, the candidate’s promises for new jobs by bringing us back to the 1970’s and 1980’s are way off base.

We will never return to that era of job availability for the average person, and here are just a hint of a few reasons why:  Continue reading Why Our Presidential Candidates Will Never Create The Jobs They Are Promising For America

Forget Tax Incentives!

With Congress and the Administration wringing their hands over how big to make tax incentives for small business so they will hire more people; they are—as usual—totally missing the boat. Tax incentives to hire more people will do little to increase jobs. As one small-businessman said in an interview the other night, “Tax incentives are nice and I’ll take them, but they do not encourage me to hire more people. Why would I hire someone that I have no work for and then turn around and lay them off again?”

What is really needed is more work! When small business owners have more work for their workforce, don’t think for a minute that they won’t hire the people they need to do that work—whether there are any tax incentives or not. That’s why they are called “business” owners.

All this haranguing and carping in Washington simply proves even further just how far out of touch with the real world our politicians actually are. Until demand for small business products and services increases, small business owners will NOT hire more people. It’s as simple as that.