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Unemployment and Opportunity

Well, unemployment rose above the 10 percent mark last month, and although the rate of lay-offs slowed, there is no sign that they will be halting anytime soon. Of course the politicos seem to take great pride in the fact that only 190,000 people lost their jobs last month. I am sure those 190,000 people take much comfort in that.

What do people do when they lose their jobs? I suppose many do nothing and just wait for their job to come back—if it ever does. Others decide to do something “special” with the new situation just forced on them.

Erik Proulx is one of the latter. In fact, he decided to make a documentary movie of what many people do when they become unemployed. The movie is titled, “Lemonade,” and will be released soon. The trailer can be viewed below.

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If the trailer is any indication, Lemonade should prove extremely interesting. Here’s what Erik had to say about his movie:

“…I hope even more that people walk away with an understanding of Lemonade’s intent: that losing your job can be devastating. But with the right perspective and a work ethic, it can also be the single greatest moment of your career.” —Erik Proulx

The point is that there are many things people could do—and for some, becoming unemployed provides the impetus they needed to follow their dreams.

As Erik said in a recent post “…Do something amazing!”

Have any of you ever been laid-off? What did you do when it happened?