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Small Business Regulations

Consider This!

$1.1 Trillion! That is the annual cost to Americans for businesses to comply with mandated government business regulations, according to the Office of Advocacy of the Small Business Administration. This is more cost per household than the cost of health insurance. Think about it.

Moreover, smaller businesses bear the brunt of these government regulations and pay 45% more per employee to comply with mandated regulations, than big businesses do.

Bear in mind that these numbers are before the new regulations coming out of Congress take effect, e.g. new health care insurance. So this cost will only continue to rise.

And we wonder why small business is not hiring people, and pulling us out of the recession like it has in the past.

Of course you do know, that businesses MUST pass ALL of these costs for government regulation on to the consumers of the goods and services they provide, in order to stay in business?

Question: Isn’t this a hidden tax on every consumer, just to pay for bureaucratic bloated programs dictated by the government?