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Angel Investors and “Super” Angels

Angel investors have long been the backbone of early financing for startup businesses. They have stepped in when money from family and friends runs out. Angel investors have traditionally filled the gap between owner-raised investment money, and venture capital investments.

Now, however, Angels are banding together and forming more “groups” of investors—Super Angels—to raise the limits of their investments, while spreading the risk. This creates a new “grey area” where the Super Angels and Venture Capitalists overlap.

According to a recent study by the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds, the number of Super Angels has grown 40 percent just in the last year. More importantly, 51 percent of association members have indicated that they intend to invest more money in startup companies this year than they did last year.

This is good news for entrepreneurs—as long as you are properly prepared to fast-track the growth of your business. Super Angles want to see a strong management team that can make the most of their investment money. Neither Angels, nor Super Angels will invest in just an “idea”—they want the entrepreneur(s) to be operating and have some skin in the game already.

In addition, your business needs to have the potential for explosive growth to tens of millions of dollars in revenue in just a few years. Also, you will need to convince a Super Angel that you can return three to five times their investment within five years—usually through acquisition.

This is good news for high-potential startups, but you will need to prepare well before you meet with investors. Even though there is investment money available, there is tremendous competition seeking it…so you better bring your “A” game.