The Spirit of America

Mark Johnson is one of my favorite young entrepreneurs, because he exhibits the perseverance to follow his dream—and be successful. It’s the end of the week, so I thought I would post one of his latest videos, featuring two of the Playing For Change performers; Grandpa Elliott, and Louis Mhlanga, performing at Dodger Stadium. Even though he is blind, Grandpa Elliott obviously loves his country. This should give us all something to think about.

Mark Johnson’s dream is to bring peace to the world through music, and he is following his dream and persevering in spite of the challenges. He has carried this dream for 10 years, and worked steadily on it for the past 4 years—and he shows no signs of slowing down.

How strong is your dream?

8 thoughts on “The Spirit of America”

  1. Judith – I don’t know if you follow Mark Johnson and his “Playing for Change” project, but I admire Mark as a true entrepreneur of our day. His drive and innovation in pursuit of a seemingly impossible dream should be held up as the standard in every business school in the U.S.

    Back on June 13th I made a post , titled, “The New Normal” that features a video of Clarence Bekker (Netherlands), Grandpa Elliott (USA), and others from the “Playing For Change” group, performing Sam Cooke’s, “A Change is Gonna Come.” Not only is the performance good, but the words are so appropriate for the time in which we live. If you get a chance, take a look sometime.

  2. Judith – If you get a moment, you might be interested in an interview that Bill Moyers did with Mark Johnson a while ago. About midway through the interview Bill asked Mark if he ever considered giving up, and it was Mark’s answer that put him at the top of my favorite entrepreneurs list.

    The interview and a video of the first song Mark recorded are on my post at this link Hope in the Midst of Chaos

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